Blogger Blog Me Author Box Kaise add kare

Blogger Blog Me Author Box Kaise add kare.  blog me about me box kaise lagaye. Blogger blog me about author box kaise add kare. Jo ki visitor ko name photo se pata chal jata hai ki site ka owner Kaun hai. kyunki ye hamare blog ke liye bahut hi important hota hai.

Blogger ki sabhi post me author box add karne ke liye, aapko is post me complete jankari mil jaayegi. Agar aap blogging karte hain. Aur apne visiters ke sath ik achha contact banana chahate hain. To aapko apne blog par About me, author box widget post ke neeche ya fir sidebar me add karna chahiye.

Author Box post ke sath bahut hi effective rahta hai. Readers ko aapka name aur blog name yaad rakhne me bhi bahut jyada help milti hai. Aur aapke blog ka traffic bhi isse increase hota hai.

Blog Me Author Box Kaise add kare

Blogger Blog Me Author Box Kaise add kare

Blogger Blog me About me/author box add karne ke liye neeche bataye gaye steps ko follow kare.

Step 1- Sabse pahle blogger me jakar login kare.

Blog Me Author Box Kaise add kare

  1. ab aap layout section me jaane ke liye Layout par click kare.

  2. Iske baad Layout page par aapko Blog Posts Name se ek widget milega. Uske Edit Option par click kare.

  3. Edit par click karte hi ek Pop Up window open hogi.

Step 3- Ab Pop up window me aapko image me kuch editing karni hai.

Blog Me Author Box Kaise add kare

  1. Sabse pahle aapko show author profile below post option par tick karna hai.

  2. Iske baad aapko Preview me sabse neeche Author Profile ka box show hoga.

  3. Ab aapko Save Button par click karna hoga.

Step 3- Ab aapko Theme Section me jana hai. Theme section me jaane ke liye Theme par click kare.

  1. Sabse pahle Theme Option par click kare.

  2. Iske baad Edit HTML button par click kare. 

  3. Ab aapko theme editor me kahi par click karna hai.

  4. Ctrl+F press karke aapko Search Box open karna hai. Search Box me ]]></b:skin> type karke Enter Button Press karna hai.
    /* css Author Box start by https://hindiblogadvice.com */
    .authorContent{overflow:hidden;background:#f1f1f1;padding:0;margin:1px;margin-bottom:0;border-top:2px solid #e9e9e9;}
    .authorLeft .authorAvatar{overflow:hidden;}
    .authorLeft .authorAvatar img{background:#f1f1f1;display:inline-block;}
    .authorDetails{overflow:hidden;margin:14px 0 0 0;}
    .authorDetails h2{font-size:12px;color:#222;font-weight:400;text-transform:uppercase;}
    .authorDetails h2 a{color:#4db2ec;background:#f1f1f1;padding:4px 8px;display:inline-block;font-size:15px;margin-left:5px;border:double #f1f1f1;}
    .authorDetails h2 a:hover{color:#71c5f6;background:#f1f1f1;}
    .authorDetails span{display:block;padding-top:3px}
    .articleAuthor .authorContent p{color:#222;line-height:20px;margin:0 10px;font-size:15px;}
    /* css Author Box start by https://hindiblogadvice.com */

  5. Ab aapko Code Box me diya gaya code ]]></b:skin> ke upar Paste karna hai.

Step 4- Abhi aapko Theme me aur editing karni hai.
<div class='articleAuthor'>
<div class='authorContent'>
<div class='authorLeft'>
<div class='authorAvatar'>
<img alt='' class='avatar avatar-120 photo dontshowit showit' height='120' src='https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-N2mOOAsAbMI/Vdxr_5yH76I/AAAAAAAABbU/eMdnoOf6DrU/s1600/shivam%2BVerma%2BSSV.png' width='120'/>
<div class='authorDetails'>
About Author :<a href='https://https://hindiblogadvice.com' rel='author' title='Admin'>Shivam verma SSV</a></h2>
about you

  1. Sabse pahle aapko Search Box me <data:post.body/> Type karke Enter Button press karna hai.

  2. Ab Upar Code box me diya gaya code Copy kare. Aur <data:post.body/> ke Neeche Paste kare.

  3. Code me diya gaya Image link Apne Profile Image link se Replace kare.

  4. Apne blog ka link aur Apna Name type kare.

  5. Ab simply apne Theme save karne ke liye Save Theme Button par click kare.

Image link kaise pata kare.

  1. Blog me New post Create kare aur usme apni photo upload kare.

  2. ab Html Mode Par click kare.

  3. Aap SRC ke saamne wala link copy kare. Aur code me link ki jagah Paste kar den.

Agar aapko koi problem aati hai Autor box lagane me. To aap comment ke jariye hamse contact kar sakte hain. Aap hamse Contact Us page  ke jariye bhi sampark kar sakte hain.

Happy Blogging....

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