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The purpose of the discussion threads is to allow notification and correction of errors in the article, and to permit clarification of related points. To facilitate genuine discussion, we have a zero tolerance approach to trolling and sloganeering. To that end:
All comments must be on topic. Comments are on topic if they draw attention to possible errors of fact or interpretation in the main article, of if they discuss the immediate implications of the facts discussed in the main article.

“Harassing comments: While conversation and the sharing of different ideas is encouraged, all comments need to be respectful towards our contributors and those leaving comments.”

No link or picture only. Any link or picture should be accompanied by text summarizing both the content of the link or picture, and showing how it is relevant to the topic of discussion. Failure to do both of these things will result in the comment being considered off topic.

No accusations of deception. Any accusations of deception, fraud, dishonesty or corruption will be deleted. This applies to both sides. You may critique a person’s methods but not their motives.

No politics. Rants about politics, religion, faith, ideology or one world governments will be deleted. Occasional blogposts on Skeptical Science touch on issues intimately related to politics. For those posts this rule may be relaxed, but only if explicitly stated at the end of the blogpost.

No ALL CAPS. You can’t have a civil, constructive discussion if you’re shouting.

No profanity or inflammatory tone. Again, constructive discussion is difficult when overheated rhetoric or profanity is flying around.

No cyber stalking. Posting personal details of another user results in your account being banned from Skeptical Science.

“Promotional comments: If a comment is solely promotional in nature, we will remove it from the site.”

We try to avoid harsh application of the comments policy in the interests of a free flowing discussion, but expect your cooperation in return. If that cooperation is not forthcoming, moderators will resort to a very strict application of the comments policy to your posts, If we all followed these guidelines in any discussion, perhaps the world would be a calmer and more constructive place.


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